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About Us

A Community For Coconut Water Lovers

Founded in 2017 by a group of coconut water and plant-based food enthusiasts, natnat is dedicated to providing 100% natural and healthy pink coconut water that is sustainably sourced with a coco conscience. 

We are passionate about health, wellness, sustainability and delivering the best all-natural coconut and plant based products that are convenient and affordable. 

Through natnat pink coco we want to share the amazing taste and healthy benefits of pink coconut water with the whole world. 

With natnat you can always rest assured that any purchase you make with us is all natural, healthy and delicious, with absolutely no additives. 


Sustainably Sourced

Apart from creating a product with the best tasting, healthy and all-natural coconut water, we wanted our products to be conscious and environmentally friendly. We work with producers whose coconuts are harvested fairly and sustainably with respect for the earth and community.



This ensures that our packaging is sourced from responsibly managed forests. We also use a biodegradable sugarcane alternative to plastic to minimise our footprint and maximise the renweability of each pack of natnat pink coco.


We also use a cold aseptic method for packaging that uses less energy and heat compared to other methods like High Pressure Processing (HPP).